Who is Richard Buttrose ? Age, Height, Sister, Wife, Profession, Net Worth & More

Richard Buttrose was a convicted cocaine peddler from Sydney.

His arrest became important news in Australia as he was the nephew of Ita Buttrose, an Australian journalist and businesswoman.

Ita Buttrose remains a constant support to nephew Richard | Daily Mail Online

Richard was pleaded to three counts of cocaine dealing with an undercover police officer. He served eight years and nine months of his 16 years sentence until his release from Jail in 2017. Police recovered more than $10.8 million worth of cocaine and a $1.3 million stash of cash at his house.

His crime story was featured on episode one of Australian Druglords, Australian documentary series on the Nine Network.

The 45-year-old was released from Jail in 2017 after serving eight years and nine months of his 16-year-old term.

Physical Appearance –

Age 49 years
Height 5’7”
Weight 75 kg
Skin tone Fair
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Shoe size Not known

Is Richard Buttrose Married?

Yes, Richard Buttrose is a married man; according to the SMH, he married his long-time girlfriend, Tiffany Farringtonin, at a secret wedding in Sydney.

Ita Buttrose's convicted drug dealer nephew Richard quietly marries publicist Tiffany Farrington | Daily Mail Online

Richard was previously married and had two children from his marriage. However, the name of his ex-wife and children has not been disclosed yet.

His current spouse, Tiffany, is a founder of Social Diary an industry that works for PR, Media, and Events.

Buttrose is a graduate of the University of Sydney on English literature and art theory.

Richard’s friend introduced Richard and Tiffany at a party in 2017. 

Where Is Richard Buttrose Now?

Richard Buttrose, during his jail time, earned two university degrees and has turned his life around.

He has left his crime life far behind and is a changed man right now.

Addiction Research: Accused drug dealer Richard Buttrose was arrested after police discovered more than $1.3 million in cash and 7.7kg of cocaine

Meet Richard Buttrose Family On Twitter

Richard Buttrose: Ex eastern suburbs cocaine dealer's road to redemption | Daily Telegraph

As per our sources, Richard Buttrose and his family are not active on Twitter right now. However, his better half, Tiffany Farrington, is active on social media like Twitter and Instagram. But, because Tiffany has kept her Instagram account private and hasn’t mentioned Richard on Twitter, you’ll have to follow her Instagram profile and wait for her consent to get a glance into their lives.

Richard Buttrose Net Worth Explored

Claws out as clause causes rift for Buttrose family

The estimated net worth of Richard Buttrose is $1 – $5 million.


Richard buttrose Instagram


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Q.1 Who was Richard Buttrose?

Ans. Richard Buttrose was a convicted cocaine peddler from Sydney.

Q.2 What was His age?

Ans. Richard Buttrose’s age was 49 years old.

Q.4 Who was His father?

Ans. His Father’s name is Not Known

Q.5 What is His Height?

Ans. He is 5’7″ Feet.

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