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Farouk Kibet

Farouk Kibet Biography, Wiki:- Farouk Teigut Kibet is a top aide of Deputy President William Ruto. Farouk has often been described as the go-to guy if you want to meet and have a word with the DP whether at his Karen residence, his Harambee Annex office, or elsewhere.

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Farouk Kibet
                                        Farouk Kibet

Farouk Kibet Biography, Wiki

Farouk Kibet is one of Deputy President William Ruto’s friends. Farouk is also the Personal Assistant to Ruto and among the most controversial figures in the Jubilee administration.

Farouk Kibet is a Kalenjin, whose education level will shock you. The businessman Farouk did not complete his primary education, according to close friends, nor did Farouk struggle to pursue his studies after dropping out of school.

Before becoming Ruto’s Personal Assistant, Farouk was a Counselor in Eldoret. During that time, Farouk had close contact with Ruto, who was a childhood friend.

The DP settled on Farouk Kibet as his Personal Assistant after the 2013 presidential election victory. The major reason why the controversial man was given the docket is that the two-Ruto and Farouk- have common business interests and secrets that nobody knows. Farouk Kibet also carries several personal secrets about Ruto, something that convinces the DP that he (Farouk) is the only man to trust.

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Farouk Kibet Career

Farouk Kibet has had most of his years serving in the political corridors, but for the most part as a right-hand man. Farouk is described by many as an astute, firm, and loyal man. Kibet was nominated to serve at the Waring County Council as a councilor between 2003 to 1997. “For the record, Farouk Kibet served very well as a nominated councilor. Farouk did nothing wrong, nothing wrong,” Paul Kiprop his former colleague at the County Council is quoted as saying.

Farouk KibetScandals
It was reported that Farouk Kibet was among the names mentioned by former International Criminal Court prosecutor Fatou Bensouda as having a hand in the 2007 post-election violence. one of the ladies accused him of storming Eldoret Police Station in protest at the height of the violence. She further alleged that Farouk was involved in tampering with witnesses in the case against DP Ruto. Farouk was also in the headlines for allegedly receiving money from a suspect in the National Youth Service (NYS) Ksh791 million scandal. Kibet was, however, never summoned and questioned by the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee on the matter.

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