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David Depaape

Murderer Conviction

On Friday, October 28, 42-year-old David DePape, the husband of lawmaker Nancy Pelosi, was charged with beating 82-year-old businessman Paul Pelosi.

At around two in the morning, David DePape allegedly stormed into the Pelosi residence in San Francisco and struck Paul Pelosi with a hammer. According to Fox News, police arrived on the scene quickly and detained the man after accusing him of several offenses, including burglary and attempted homicide.

Who Is David Depape?

David DePape was brought up in Canada until he was 14 years old, according to the Associated Press. He allegedly left Powell River, British Columbia, where he had grown up, at the age of 22, to follow an older lover to San Francisco, where he remained until finally relocating to Berkeley, a town known for its university.
Gene DePape, David’s stepfather, expressed his shock upon learning of the allegations against the suspect.

DePape was mentioned in a 2013 San Francisco Chronicle article as a hemp jewellery artisan who shared a residence with a nudist campaigner.

According to Today News, his online background demonstrated both far-right and liberal anti-establishment sentiments, with many of his writings delving into speculations like communism, vaccines, and extraterrestrial life.
Although San Francisco police have not revealed the exact circumstances surrounding DePape’s alleged assault on Paul Pelosi, they believe Nancy Pelosi, 82, was DePape’s intended victim.
Nancy Pelosi announced her intention to charge the suspect during a formal press conference. According to the BBC, Paul Pelosi required medical attention after the incident since he sustained injuries to his right arm and hands in addition to a cracked head.

David Deppe‘s Family

According to Teresa DePape, who lives in Powell River, British Columbia and is married to the suspect’s stepfather, DePape departed the area for California around 20 years ago, according to USA TODAY.
She implied that David was a violent person. But he spoke with aggression.

The suspect had not been in touch with the family frequently, but according to Teresa DePape, David emailed his stepfather a few years ago to say he would pay a visit but never followed through.


Family member Mark DePape claimed to have lost contact with DePape long ago.


David for more than 25 years. I’ve never met David (anymore). He stays away from relatives. I regret learning of this incident.


Teresa DePape added that David’s “strong opinions,” which were in opposition to Teresa’s, governing bodies in San Francisco. She claimed they had verified DePape’s detention. The family would hold off until he got in touch with them, according to Teresa DePape.

DavidDepape‘s Parents, Girl Friend, And Networth, Profession 

There is not much detail about his parents and about the relationship or whether he is married, and even there is not any mention of his income and profession.


The suspect in the attack on Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, appears to have been a frequent online contributor to a number of conspiracy theories, raging against what he thought to be government censorship and control, and using hate speech and antisemitism.

The suspect, 42-year-old Berkeley resident David Wayne DePape, was named by San Francisco police. In an early Friday home invasion at the couple’s Pacific Heights residence, DePape is accused of hitting Paul Pelosi with a hammer. According to a source with knowledge of the event, before the assault began, the intruder confronted Mr. Pelosi while yelling, “Who is Nancy? Who is Nancy?”

On several online forums, DePape was well-known for endorsing a variety of conspiracies regarding issues like voter fraud, climate change, and the COVID pandemic. Additionally, he has shared videos from “My Pillow” inventor and Donald Trump supporter Mike Lindell as well as anti-Semitic tirades.

DePape recently stated in one of his posts on Trump, “Trump you NEED to make Tulsi your VP in 2024.”

DePape’s postings typically center on the issue of “censorship” by the government or internet companies. Among the subject tabs on one blog are labels like “”Facts are Racist,” “Pedophile Normalization,” and “Creationism.”

Attack On Pelosi Suspect David DePape Supported Hate Speech And Numerous Conspiracies.

CNN claims that DePape also shared memes and conspiracies on Facebook regarding the COVID vaccination, the 2020 election, and the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. 

DePape is described as a former nudism activist in other local media. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, DePape was chosen to be the best man at Gypsy Taub’s wedding to a well-known nudist activist in 2013 in San Francisco City Hall.

He was also one of several nudist activists who protested against current state senator Scott Wiener’s initiatives, who at the time was a city supervisor for the Castro and Noe Valley districts and successfully pushed for a ban on public nudity, according to the Chronicle.

Officers found Paul Pelosi and DePape arguing over a hammer when they arrived at the residence Friday morning, according to San Francisco Police Chief William Scott.


Paul Pelosi and DePape were both escorted to a hospital to receive medical attention for their wounds.
representative of Nancy Pelosi stated that a full recovery was anticipated for Paul Pelosi.


According to Scott, DePape will be arrested and charged with attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, elder abuse, burglary, and other alleged crimes.


According to Scott, the San Francisco police, the FBI, the U.S. Capitol Police, and federal and local prosecutors are all working together to investigate the matter.


DePape will be arrested and charged with attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, elder abuse, and other felonies, according to Scott.


Scott later acknowledged that DePape was still being treated there. While he was unable to comment on his health, he promised reporters that he will be arrested and charged with a felony.


Scott added that the attack and break-in were not random occurrences.


It’s wrong, and their families didn’t agree to subject them to suffering in this way. Moreover, based on the results of our study, we can now say with certainty that this was not a random act. This was planned. And it is untrue. Our elected representatives are here to conduct business on behalf of their towns, counties, states, and the entire country added a visibly irate Scott.

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