Artery Gear Wiki, Beginner Guide, Fusion Codes, Tier List, Mission Progression & Launch Date

Artery Gear Wiki-Beginner Guide:- Artery Gear game has been launched on the 14th of June 2022. the game is developed by Access and published by Bilibili HK Limited. Anyone who loves these kinds of games can download them on IOS and Android devices.

In the Wiki of Artery Game, we are showing how you can play this game and provide you with the basic details of the game. Read Artery Gear Beginner Guide Wiki & Steps to play Artery Gear Fusion. 

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Artery Gear

Artery Gear Wiki

This visually stunning game is new to the west but is gaining popularity in various regions as it releases more beta tests and sneaks peeks. The objective is to form a team of mech girls that have the best strength and skill to push the puppets back. There are tons of mechs to use, five classes, and different attributes among them, so you can create strategies and combinations to defeat enemies.

The game is a sequel to Artery Gear and includes some previous characters such as Zero Four, Neo, and Leela. The combination of spine technology, the latest lighting mechanics, and 3D visuals make this an impressive game. We’ve put together a level list of all the Artery Gear mech girls we’ve seen so far so you can sink your teeth into it. We also recommend the Delight and the ever-popular Genshine Impact.

Artery Gear

Artery Gear Fusion Codes

All of us will never miss out on anything we get for free at Artery Gear: Fusion. Game codes play a major role in getting us free gifts, and developers skip some events so that we get some freebies in return. The same goes for Arterial Gear: Fusion Codes where the developers of BILIBILI are good enough to give us massive rewards when we use the many coupon codes.

Artery Gear Tier List

Rank Artery Gear: Fusion character
S Alice, Chihaya, Grace, Milvus, Quinn, Ruri, Roco, Shura, Sirius
A Benny, Cathy, Della, Ghost, Ginga, Hearin, Senha, Suriel, Verbana, Veronica
B Benny, Corax, Dean, Diancht, Kanna Lydia, Maika, Michelle, Morris, O4, Phantom, Sake, Shinobu, Suril, Teufel, Tolerate, Zero Four
C Andie, Beidou, Cerulean, Chiba, Chitose, Cindy, Ivey Feidy, Neisa, Nemophila Sylvia, Tony, Touka
D Caroline, Erica, Hokutou, Valeria, Nio

Artery Gear Beginner Guide Wiki

We recommend adjusting the FPS setting to 60 FPS if your device can handle it for a more smooth gaming experience. After downloading the game from IOS, Android of 86MB  you’ll get the internal download of 4.3GB and which consists of 7000 files.

We strongly recommend you join a guild as soon as possible. Being a member of a guild gives you access to the Guild Boss as well as the Guild Shop, both of which provide essential resources.

There are lots of upgrade materials and coins in this game. You can always click the “Guide” icon next to your player’s name in the top left of your home screen if you need help figuring out how. This will bring up an in-game help menu that lists all the upgrade content and currencies available in the game, as well as where you can get them.

Once-a-day bonuses are available in the Catball and Gold resource levels. Complete them only when the daily bonus is active, as this will increase your rewards. The rewards for completing these stages without the bonus are not worth the effort.

Artery Gear Mission

There are three types of missions you’ll get in this game 

1. Starter Missions

2. Rookie Mission

3. Queen Mission

1. Starter Missions:- There are two different starting mission sets that you can choose from right away. After completing the game you will be rewarded with gear and content to fuel your early development.

2. Rookie Mission:- Most of these missions can be achieved by enforcing the story or strengthening your units. Before the next mission stage is unlocked, you must complete all the missions of the previous mission stage. Complete quests that reward you with gear as the top priority. The mission gear set will help you advance through the early stages of the game and help you survive the early target elimination stages, allowing you to cultivate better gear.

3. Queen Mission:- A long, exhausting mission set that rewards you with a 6-star assault gear set that can also be used late in the game. Due to its time-bound nature, the fastest theoretical completion time is 6 days.

Artery Gear Launch Date

Artery Gear Fusion was released on the 14th of June 2022.

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